The Garden Retreat, LLC

The Garden Retreat, LLC


Design & Installation

Russ Renner in Portland, OR on Houzz

Under the current conditions our company is still working to provide people with great landscaping services. We are more than aware of the Corona virus (COVID-19) situation and are practicing safe procedures along with everyone else we work with that is also practicing safe procedures. Social distancing, no handshakes, washing hands, wearing gloves, not working while ill & more.

If you choose to work with the Garden Retreat, LLC we will come up with a plan that will benefit both parties to provide a safe, healthy, & respectful environment for your new installation. Ex. Practicing safe distancing, wearing PPE during contact situations, other to support whatever comfort levels you & our company feel appropriate to complete our service.

Feel free to contact us for more info on this and your landscape project

Sincerely, Russ Renner